Black Woolen Cassock, c. 1600

The cassock, also termed a "Dutch Cloak" or "Gascoigne Cloak", was a loose, sleeved garment of around hip-length, worn by both men and women during the last half of the 16th century. (More on Cassocks)

This cassock is made of fine black wool, lined with white linen. A set of triple welts, made of black silk taffeta, edge the front, collar, bottom and go up the center back. The sleeves also have welts applied diagonally and down the front and back seams.

Each armescye has a double set of tabs. The armescye is open in the front, to allow the sleeves to be worn or not worn as the climate demands.

The cut of the garment was taken from a woman's embroidered jacket currently at the V&A.

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