Elizabethan Smock Pattern Generator

An Elizabethan smock is actually a very basic garment. It is based upon a basic T-Tunic pattern, with no curves or close-fitting pieces involved. Nevertheless, making a pattern for a smock which fits neither too tightly or too loosely can take some doing, and unless you have either a pattern or pattern drafting experience, 2 or 3 smocks to get right.

Fill in the below measurments, and recieve individualized instructions on creating a pattern for a smock fitted precisely to you. Please round each measurement to the nearest 1/2 inch, and give all measurements in decimal notation (i.e., 2.5 instead of 2 1/2).

Click on the measurement title for more information about exactly how and where to take the measurement.

You will recieve step-by-step instructions customized to your measurements, accompanied by to-scale dynamically-created pattern illustrations for each step. If you get broken gifs for any of the images, reload the page and they should show up fine.

Please give me feedback on how this smock pattern generator works for you! The more comments I get, the better the program will become.

Your Measurements

Bust Measurement: inches

Waist Measurement: inches

Hip Measurement: inches

Shoulder to wrist: inches

Around the bicep: inches

Around the widest part of the hand: inches

From Shoulder to Hem: inches

Shoulder to Shoulder: inches

Pattern Type:Authentic Pieced Smock Pattern    Simple 1-Piece Smock Pattern

Explanation of Measurements