Sewing the Corset Together

Boned-Tab Version

These instructions differ substantially from those for making a corset with unboned tabs. The method described below is, aside from using a machine rather than fingerpower to stitch the boning channels, almost identical to the technique used by the original corset-makers of the 16th century. To see what an original Elizabethan boned tab corset looked like, check out the Effigy Corset.

It is slightly more labor-intensive than the other two versions of the corset, as the binding around the bottom and top edges must be sewn by hand. There are fewer steps to follow, however.

1. Alter the corset pattern.

2. Cut out the fabric pieces.

3. Mark and sew the channels for the boning and the busk

4. Add the Boning

5. Cut the Tabs

6. Optional: Test fitting 7. Finish the edges.
8. Put in the Grommets 9.)Finishing Touches

10.) Immediately rush to the nearest mirror